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Got Freedom is a members-only social network that provides a private, secure and censorship-resistant environment.

Our Mission:

Got Freedom is dedicated to providing a private, secure, and censorship-resistant resource for Activists, Freedom Fighters, and Individuals.

How is Got Freedom Different?:

Got Freedom is 100% ad-free, censorship-resistant, and community driven. One of Got Freedom's best features is eliminating the need for multiple services. Imagine combining your WordPress blog, forums, instant messenger, Facebook profile, and social groups all into one cohesive censorship-resistant platform. That's what Got Freedom offers.

Who uses Got Freedom?

Activists, Freedom Fighters, Private Individuals and Groups.
Organizations like Dean Clifford's Earth Stewardship Cooperative rely on us to keep their members connected and secure.

Alright, I'm in! How do I sign up?

Head over to the sign up page. Please note that memberships are only available on a subscription basis.
This is done to cover server costs and help fund local projects. We do not advertise or sell user data, and because of this subscriptions are our only form of income.